The primary agriculture in Eemsdelta forms the basis together with the agricultural flows that enter through the ports. Eemsdelta and the Province of Groningen as whole has a large area of fertile agricultural land with relatively low financial revenue with the exception of seed potatoes. In order to prevent soil disease, seed potatoes can only be grown on an agricultural plot once every four years, which means that farmers are always looking for products with the highest possible revenue for 75% of their land. Over the past years many farmers have moved to new activities to supplement their income.

AgribusinessThe bio-based economy will be largely dependent on the supply of import biomass through the seaports. Greenhouse horticulture only has a limited presence in Eemsdelta. South of Eemshaven there is large industrial greenhouse horticultural complex under preparation. It is aimed at large-scale contract farming companies for the vegetables peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes; they can compete in the international market with their economies of scale. This greenhouse horticultural area is also under consideration for greenhouse algae cultivation. There are opportunities in exchanging energy, CO2 and water. Sales opportunities to Germany and Scandinavia are also ideal from Eemshaven.
The location of Holland Malt in Eemshaven is an example of an Agribusiness company that manages to turn malting barley into a higher added value.