16. Chemicals

The chemical industry is characterised by converting bulk raw materials into product. Efficiency and reducing logistics costs dictate the use of good infrastructure facilities by the chemical industry to transport raw materials and products by means of pipes, vessels, railways and lorries. Eemsdelta complies with all those preconditions. The industrial site Oosterhorn has come to have a strong chemical cluster, which in terms of volume is part of the top three chemical clusters in the Netherlands.

This joining of chemical activities is an incentive for new industry, but also for expanding existing industries. Economies of scale, direct links with raw-materials suppliers or clients and the presence of joint infrastructure can only encourage this further. During the coming years, this latter aspect in particular will be crucial for the competitive position of the existing industry and further developing new industry. Eemsdelta picked up green concepts at a relatively early stage. A thought process was started as to how building blocks for chemicals and energy could be made from sustainable raw materials. With the arrival of companies, such as BioMCN, this thinking has become large-scale in practice in one major leap – a step that would normally take at least a decade. Consequently, the Eemsdelta is well ahead of other regions in the process towards a bio-based chemical sector. It operates in practice – the supply and delivery of green raw materials and products. In turn this attracts new bio-based chemical and other companies and encourages existing companies to investigate their change-over. Many bio-based economy projects are being implemented in Eemsdelta. These bio-based energy projects that can often be implemented a little quicker are now encouraging bio-based projects in the chemical sector, which is focused on more high-grade applications.

In order to connect, coordinate and communicate the many activities that make Eemsdelta green and greener, EemsdeltaGreen was set up. EemsdeltaGreen is a platform for intensive cooperation between all the stakeholders (business, NMOs, governments and knowledge institutes) with the objective to implement green projects and to make Eemsdelta as a whole greener.