Eemsdelta has two seaports, Delfzijl and Eemshaven, each with their own distinctive profile. There are also a number of inland ports with excellent access, such as Oosterhornhaven and Farmsumerhaven. Together these ports represent an annual transhipment of 8 million tonnes (2011). The ports of Delfzijl have a proven function for the surrounding industries. The chemical and industrial companies in Delfzijl use the seaports and inland ports for the supply and delivery of their raw materials and end products. The most important flows through Delfzijl are salt and construction materials. In 2011, a total of 5.5 million tonnes was transhipped in Delfzijl.

Sealocks DelfzijlEemshaven has had a logistics function as a port for paper, sugar, construction material and export vehicles for many years. With the arrival of Holland Malt (malting barley), Theo Pouw (primary and secondary construction materials) and project cargo for the various construction projects, annual transhipment in Eemshaven has risen to 2.5 million tonnes in 2011. Eemshaven largely has a logistics function for the existing businesses and is not a transit port where containers are transhipped for transport to the hinterland.