18. Recycling_Theo PouwThe arrival of the company Theo Pouw BV (transhipment and processing primary and secondary construction materials) provided an impulse to the recycling activities in Eemsdelta.

The companies Qlyte and North Refinery operate in Delfzijl. The availability of ample space (hectares) and logistical opportunities means that both seaports offer excellent preconditions for locating recycling activities that require above-average logistics actions. By being able to perform these activities in seaports, it is possible to achieve economies of scale in storage and transport costs. Groningen Seaports anticipated this by setting up the MERA Park Delfzijl (MERA is short for Environment, Energy, Recycling and Waste). In 2011 the company Qlyte located here; it converts unusable waste from the cardboard and paper industry into fuel for energy.