NOM invests in the developing of the Northern Netherlands and has three main tasks:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
NOM can assist with all aspects involved in setting up a business in the Northern Netherlands:

  • Site selection
  • Easy access to extensive network
  • Introduction to potential business partners
  • Assistance with licensing and permits
  • Advice on tax rulings & finance
  • Labor solutions
  • Independent partner


Between 2008-2012 NOM assisted in 56 investment projects in the Northern Netherlands, which accounted for 2700 jobs (half of which were new jobs) and more than €3 billion euros in new investments.

NOM Finance

  • Invests in companies that are likely to succeed in the Northern Netherlands
  • Not a bank, but a supplementary risk-bearer
  • Relationship based on a profitable enterprise
  • Is financially involved for a limited period of time (4 – 6 years)
  • NOM aims to build long-term business relationships
  • Quick profit is not our goal, but an active participation with an approach specific to your company
  • Revolving Fund $ 90 million
  • Invested in more than 100 companies


NOM Business Development

  • Plays an active role in ambitious and innovative projects and projects which enhance the competitive strength of regional businesses.
  • Utilizes our extensive network, knowledge and expertise and bring parties together to research ideas and convert them into innovative products.
  • Participated in 90 innovative projects in which 350 companies were involved.
  • Represented an investment of 90 million Euros.